The Makings Of A Good Teacher Or Instructor

Many of us have had ‘that’ teacher. The one that stands out from all rest and we still remember many years later. Sometimes it was a good teacher, sometimes it was a bad one. Either way, that particular individual has had the power to affect our lives to the extent that we remember them for the rest of our lives. What was it about them that did this?

In the case of a good teacher, it was probably a combination of things. A good teacher or instructor has the potential to make a profound difference to their students. A bad one does too regrettably, albeit rarely in a good way. Some people have been put off a subject for life because of a bad teacher way back when. On the other hand, there’s no doubting the fact that a good teacher has the potential to inspire students to go on to bigger and better things.

A good teacher is confident about their skills and teaching abilities without being arrogant. If they’re asked a question to which they don’t have an answer, they’ll freely admit it. However, they’ll also make a point of finding out the answer for their student and following through on any promises they may make in that regard.


A good teacher is properly prepared for each class. They have a lesson plan and they have all the equipment they need for that plan. Ad hoc teaching really doesn’t work and most of the time comes across as sloppy teaching. However, they also need to be flexible and be prepared to change the lesson plan if it clearly isn’t working. Indeed, having a Plan B ready to go is also a hallmark of a good teacher.

They’re also prompt and punctual, and they set a good example when it comes to grooming, dress code, and personal presentation. After all, they can’t expect their students to observe these things if they themselves don’t.

Good teaching is also about ensuring group interaction is carried out professionally and that they’re polite, firm, and fair in their dealings with students. Everyone in a class should be given an equal opportunity to contribute but by the same token, students who feel uncomfortable about contributing shouldn’t be forced to either.

Teachers and instructors should also be able to count on the support of the school directors or board. If they have a problem student or class they should be able to rely on the school having procedures in place to deal with these appropriately.


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