Setting A Spiritual Candle Properly Is A Part Of The Ritual

To make the most out of a spiritual candle you will have to make specific request according to your need, create a petition, dress up your candle, light it up and let the magic begin by spiraling out into your manifestation. Apart from spells and other purposes, devotional candles can also be used in elaborate altar rituals. These candles act as a magical backup to your main ritual work. In such situations all you have to do is fix the devotional candle first and then focus on the more intricate components of your ritual work. This will help you to read the candles easily this way in combination with the other aspects of the main ritual.

Setting is important


Once you have finished dressing, blessing and fixing your religious candle it is time to set it properly. It may sound surprising to you but it is important to set the candle up in a place where it can burn continuously and uninterruptedly. If not, it will create a lot of muddle and worry. At first, fire safety is important. If you are away from your home or have a pet or kids at home leaving the candle unattended in a place where it is easy for kids and pets to reach is not a viable option.



Choose the right candle


If you want to snuff the candle repeatedly make sure you choose a taper or figural candle.If a glass devotional candle tips over it may simply go out and may be it is hard for a fire to start from these candles. However, caution must be taken always for your own safety. Therefore, make sure that you choose the right type of candle that will sit properly and burn effectively at the spot you choose to place it.


Placing the candle


Many people place these candles in a large aluminum stock pot. Few even place these in a glass casserole dishfilled with sand, water, or lovely rocks. Few people prefer these to burn in the kitchen sink or a bathtub, or shower, and even a fire place. If you have a fixed place to burn the candles then you can call the local blacksmith to make metal candle houses in that place. Make sure that you do not place candles too close to one another if you burn multiple candles to prevent more heat, faster melting or scorching the glass.


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