Decorating around the fireplace can scare you but you should not.There are too many ideas and we will show you the most popular for this winter. Inspire and start decorating according to the latest trends.

Add some plants

A wreath, a few pots and an iron railing for a background are all you need to decorate your fireplace alternatively and original. Because the space above the fireplace is warm enough you prefer heat-resistant plants. You can find the right plants by asking a florist or nursery.



Decorate the wall over the fireplace with a gallery of mirrors. Put a few jars of colorful flowers on the fireplace to bring your space to life.

Mirror on the mirror

Another idea that have seen and loved is the mirror on a mirror. Dress the whole wall over the fireplace with a mirror and place a smaller one on top.



A large painting and two gold jars give you a lot of style in your fireplace and add luxury to it. The paintings with landscapes blend nicely with the fireplace while the most modern paintings give it more sophisticated style.


Draw a Clock

Put a real watch over the fireplace or plan a fake yourself. Some candlesticks and 2-3 books will give even more style at this point in the house.


Place white on white

A nice idea (especially if your fireplace is white) is to decorate the white space over the fireplace for a more minimalistic aesthetics. Add if you want a glass jar with autumn leaves (real or fake) to give a touch of color.


Color touches

A bold decoration over the fireplace and a bouquet in a similar shade on the living room table are enough to give a beautiful color touch to your place.You can also buy poster prints online, in order to achieve a more extravagant result.


Whether your fireplace is made of brick is stone, do not be afraid to use a contrasting color. For example, in the picture below, the fireplace of the photo is stone and has been combined with gray-stone color on the wall giving a more modern style throughout the living room.


Color block

Paint the wall over the fireplace in a different shade from the rest of the living room to create the color blocking effect that is so fashionable last.


Decorate in front of the fireplace

After you finish with the wall that is above the fireplace, worry about the space in front of it. Put a beautiful armchair next to the fireplace and decorate with pillows.


Pastel shades

Pastel shades are a great fit in a fireplace room and are beautifully combined with golden details. A frame, like that of the image, some golden jars that you can make alone staining glass jars with some golden sprays, a jar of flowers will give vividness and color to the whole living room.


TV set

Placing the TV on the fireplace is offered as a solution for small and larger spaces. It has some difficulties in realizing but decorative gains the impressions.You think about putting the TV over the fireplace but are not sure if the result will be harmonious, if the view will be enjoyable and if the choice is correct or hides traps? See everything you need to know to see if it really is the solution that suits you.


The TV is “lost” inside the space because of the ultra-thin supermodels of new technology have accessed this decorative solution by crowding out the bulky devices of the past that banned it. Television is no longer at the heart of the living room, or when it is placed in such a way as to have a more discreet presence. To do this, you can, for example, paint the wall behind it in a color that “erases” its outline.

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